Narrow Leather Belt

Narrow Leather Belt

Which do you prefer a narrow leather belt or a wider one? I seem to prefer the look of a wider belt but am finding a narrow belt to be more comfortable. The thicker buckle on the wide one sometimes seems to dig in when I am bending down.

Usually, I prefer not to wear any belt at all when I can get away with it. Recently, I’ve found when I am wearing pants with a little spandex in them, they are beginning to fall off my behind later in the day. Not at all a look that suits me. This is where my quandary enters the picture.

A Choice

Do I allow my pants to fall off my behind (not a pretty sight), wear a belt whose appearance I don’t like, or wear the occasionally uncomfortable choice? I guess I can make life a game and alternate between the three.

What style leather belt do you prefer? Please comment below.

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