Narrow Leather Belt

Narrow Leather Belt

Which do you prefer a narrow leather belt or a wider one? I seem to prefer the look of a wider belt but am finding a narrow belt to be more comfortable. The thicker buckle on the wide one sometimes seems to dig in when I am bending down.

Usually, I prefer not to wear any belt at all when I can get away with it. Recently, I’ve found when I am wearing pants with a little spandex in them, they are beginning to fall off my behind later in the day. Not at all a look that suits me. This is where my quandary enters the picture.

A Choice

Do I allow my pants to fall off my behind (not a pretty sight), wear a belt whose appearance I don’t like, or wear the occasionally uncomfortable choice? I guess I can make life a game and alternate between the three.

What style leather belt do you prefer? Please comment below.

Favorite Leather Piece

Favorite Leather Piece

Do you have a favorite leather piece? You know what I mean. An item so old and worn out that the poor thing died years ago. It should have been thrown out but you persist on wearing or using it. It is just so perfect. You cannot do without it.

Consider yourself lucky

Consider yourself lucky. Not everyone finds the perfect piece that compleats their identity as it did yours. Oh, so you never thought of it this way? Your identity? Got you! That’s just what happens. You are now as surprised to learn this as I was when I finally figured it out.

So what is my favorite piece

So what is my favorite piece? I have this ancient brown suede jacket. Must be at least 18 years old. Should have been discarded centuries ago. It died and definitely did not go to heaven. I love wearing it.

favorite jacket
Tears in Collar

The collar is very worn. Last year a tear started forming just behind my neck where the collar folds over. It’s become even worse this year. Looks awful. Deep inside I wish to cling to my jacket. Keep it forever. I do not wish to replace it. (So folks, does this belong in True Confessions instead of here?) 

The future

Someday my jacket will hit the point where it becomes unwearable. Don’t know what I will do. 

I started thinking about this and decided to keep my eyes open for a possible replacement. I will take my time.

P.S. I do own other jackets. I’m just not as emotionally attached to them. 

What are your favorite leather pieces? Please comment below.